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Rough Magic                  April 2019


Playwright:                                                                         Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa


Director:                                                                                              Judith Williams 


Scenic Designer:                                                                                      Tyler Rankin


University of Florida                                                                                   April 2019

Brief Description:

This is the digital model for my scenic design of Roberto Agyirre-Sacasa's Rough Magic. This was the  model shown and approved by the members of the team that was then used to help with seeing this design built in real life, pictures of the physical set can be seen under the Theatrical design/ Rough Magic section of this website. The design for this production was required to serve the 16 locations seen in this production but also needed to serve the vision of the director as well as the teams. This model was sent to the lighting designer who imported it into WYSIWYG to visual their lighting on top if it. The projections designer also received this model who used it to showcase projections on to speak with the team about. The design is meant to reflect a boring flat natural world that could then find magic in it as the show progressed. 


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