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Mr.Burns, A Post-Electric Play         October 2019



                            Anne Washburn


Scenic & Lighting  Designer:                                                                 Tyler Rankin



Hippodrome Theatre:                             

                                         October 2019

Brief Description:                                     

This project is scenic and  lighting design for Anne Washburn's play Mr.Burns, A Post-Electric Play. The model space is from the Hippodrome theatre's space constructed in SketchUp that uses the SketchUp plugin Twilight Render to create these renderings. The model is meant to serve as an original design created and built by myself that serves the show. The design is meant to serve the 3 different time periods post a nuclear explosion were we see a group of people retell the Simpsons episode title "Cape Feare". The set explores the concept of why we tell story telling it to forgot about whats going on around us. This is done by having the silo used ion every Act and in the end we see it lighting up still having the danger from the beginning.  

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