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The Pirates of Pezance         April 2021


Music By :                                                                                            Arthur Sullivan

Lyrics By :                                                   

                                              W. S. Gilbert

Scenic & Lighting  Designer:                                                                Tyler Rankin

Curtis M. Phillips Center for the  Performing Arts                                   

                                        April  2021

Brief Description:                                     

This project is scenic and lighting design for an unrealized production of The Pirates of Penzance. The concept for this design

is that the show follows humans who are bond to the person they truly feel inside themselves. The characters in this production are live-action role-playing themselves as pirates fully entrapped in their roles and find themselves playing out the Pirates of Penzance. The world of this production is set in a realistic contemporary park that

even itself is tied into the nautical telling. The model was created in SketchUp and imported into Twinmotion where I created these renderings.

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