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Macbeth                            April 2020*


Playwright:                                                                              William Shakespeare


Director:                                                                       Malcolm Gets & Mihai Ciupe


Scenic Designer:                                                                                     Tyler Rankin


Assistant Scenic:                                              Laurel Arnold &  Clint Sumalpong

Costume Designer:                                                                                   Jessica Hill

Lighting Designer:                                                                           Jordan Lindquist


University of Florida                                    April 2020* Canceled Due to COVID

 Brief Concept:                                         

The concept for this production is seeing the world of Macbeth through a contemporary lens that showcases a political system that deceptive and flawed on all sides, causing the world to corrode and fall to ruin. The team wanted to showcase the political systems parties by having the actions carried out known among everyone and working as a silent party to push actions forward. The floor is designed to be a mirror surface to showcase when the actors deliver the soliloquies not only to the audience but themselves to truly reflect on the actions they’re doing.

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